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May 2nd, 2013

We reside in a world wherein very many things are able to happen and quite fast too. The repercussions of “things failing” could be rather dire and in some instances fatal. In this particular case, we are going to examine the issue of water damage; a predicament that can possibly be caused by rather a variety of unfortunate event.

As a homeowner of Seattle, most of the happenings that could lead to water damage either in your house or business premises include things like split pipes, heavy rain fall resulting in floods or even fire. Prior to delving into the solution for this problem, you could be thinking about how fire could create water damage. It’s rather easy; assuming that a fire breaks out in your house or business and you happen to have put up a sprinkler system in order to combat the flames; chances are generally that the water discharged will certainly result in quite a bit of damage. Even, if fire fighters are called in to extinguish the flames, the water they use to accomplish the job can lead to flooding hence causing damage to your home although eventually it is saved from total destruction by fire.

Striving to accomplish repairs in such conditions may be somewhat irritating. Actually if you do not have the required skills, you might discover the job absolutely undo-able. That is really why it is important to employ a water damage professional in order to take care of everything in a professional way. There are several water damage Seattle businesses, however that does not mean that they are all efficient what they perform; there really are a few points you must look for right before you settle on a specific one.

Official recognition

This may sound obvious, but quite a lot of people often tend to entirely ignore the aspect of accreditation. You must first verify whether a business is licensed to conduct water damage renovation in Seattle. The certification you have to request is by a market leader a very good example being the Restoration Industry Association (RIA). The reason it is important is because accreditation are an indication that a business possesses the required expertise to restore water-damaged homes/businesses. If a company is missing vital qualifications, you will be wise to reject it. Go here for more information on Water Damage Seattle Pros.

Solutions Offered By Seattle Water Damage Specialist

As far as water damage Seattle is concerned, simple water damage is not really the only problem, there really are additional factors to worry about such as mildew growth, household furniture rot, unpleasant stench, debris to name a few horrible things. It is very important to inform yourself with the services which a certain business offers. Ask yourself whether what they bring to the table is sufficient to completely take on the trouble that you are currently experiencing. A reliable business should really provide a huge variety of services so as to address all manner of water damage problems.


You are probably aware of the fact that disaster is a not a slave of time. What this basically suggests is the fact that you don’t ever really know if it will strike. You may get up during the night to respond to a call of nature only to find that your entire garage is actually saturated because of a busted pipe. In this situation, you are going to need to contact a service provider that can assist you at that specific moment and not force you to wait till morning hours. Make sure, therefore, that the business whose number you have in your phone book provides urgent services and can therefore avail themselves once you are in need of them and not merely during the course of main operating hours.
High Level of Experience

A business may well have all of the above-mentioned qualities, nevertheless the deal breaker should be the quality of competence. Now it can be difficult to identify this just simply by looking at a company’s building, location etc, so what you should do is find out precisely what other individuals– who have hired the services of the professional in the past– are mentioning regarding it. Assuming that many of the testimonials are favorable, then odds are that you will not be disappointed if at all you make a decision to call them in. Nevertheless supposing that there are even more bad reviews than there are good ones, you will be very well advised to take your case somewhere else.

Assuming that you want the best professional and complete water damage recovery services in Seattle, we are the business for you. We have the abilities, the experience, required to deal with various water damage problems therefore call us today.

February 17th, 2011

Remember those Internet rumors of aliens from various nations
having been seen photographing the World Trade Center either during
or right before the attack? At least one of them was documented
in early June 2002 in federal court records!
At that time in Philadelphia, federal prosecutors agreed to drop
two passport-fraud charges against Ashar Iqbal Butt – who, like
most Moslem militants did long before the 9/11 attack uses various
aliases – all to get him to plead guilty to the remaining felony
passport-fraud charge and (likely) deport him fast.
He first came to the attention of the FBI because he couldn’t
remember which alias he had used at a film-developing shop – and
was still stupid enough to come back again for his photos that were
all of the World Trade Center!
The photo-shop employee in Whitehall, Pennsylvania called 911
the day after the attacks, remembering how Butt – who had brought
his film in Sept. 8, 2001 and was upset that one-hour development
wasn’t available for his Kodak Advantix panoramic film – came back
the next day to pick up his film, using his first name as his last.
When the clerk couldn’t find it, Butt then told him to look for
photos for someone named Hassan – and the clerk couldn’t find them.
He stuck around and asked the clerk to check for film for Max –
which wasn’t there either. He finally left, and the clerk noticed
photos for a “Burt Asmar” – seeing Butt in some of them and all
being of the World Trade Center.
FBI review of the photos found that, not only was the entire
roll taken of photos of the World Trade Center – but the photos,
taken inside as well as outside the World Trade Center, must have
taken at least six hours to photograph.
Butt entered the U.S. on Aug. 5, 2001 at Los Angeles – on a
British passport under the name of Mobasser Mahmood. However, he
denied that to FBI and INS agents – saying instead that he really
was Mahmood and had entered at JFK International in New York City.
His statements got increasingly inconsistent from there.
The INS had Butt arrested and held without bail the day after the 9/11
attacks; in the meantime, it got Brit authorities to send a copy of the
application for Mahmood’s passport – and fast noticed that the
photo on it wasn’t of Butt. By the end of Sept. 2001, the INS
lab had determined that a different photo had been substituted on
the passport Butt had.
Butt ultimately admitted to an FBI agent Oct. 15, 2001 that he
had entered the U.S. illegally – after his father paid a Pakistani
immigrant smuggler $10,000 to get Butt a fake passport.
He claimed to be a British citizen – but told FBI agents that
he had lived much of his life in Pakistan.
The anxiety of Butt on Sept. 9, 2001 at the photo-developing shop
suggests that he was too worried to just abandon his photos there
and go to nearby New York City to spend another afternoon taking
more photos. Did he know what was to happen two days later?
Three years later, another Paki illegal was found doing similar
reconnaissance in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina.